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How Much Do You Know About Kenyan Flag?

Every country has its own flags. Every flag has a history. Kenyan flag is no exception.

This quiz here is to help you know about the Kenyan flag. Welcome and stay with us. Bon voyage!

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    When was the Kenyan flag adopted?

    • 12th December 1963
    • 1st June 1963
    • 12th December 1961
    • 20th October 1963
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    What on the Kenyan flag symbolises the resolution to defend their country

    • The colors
    • The coat of arms
    • The shield only
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    How many colors has the national flag of Kenya?

    • Six
    • Five
    • Four
    • Three
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    Is peace depicted on the Kenyan flag?

    • Yes
    • No
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    How does the Kenyan flag indicate the country is agricultural?

    • The flag is multicolored
    • There are images of agricultural products
    • Green color
    • Kenya is not agricultural
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    When were the Kenyan last elections?

    • 2013
    • 2017
    • 2007
    • 2002
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    What depicts Kenyan people on the flag?

    • The arms
    • One of the colors
    • Nothing at all
    • Red color
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    What is the significance of white color?

    • Purity
    • Fun
    • Love
    • Peace


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