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Meaning And Origin Of Foreign Words In English

Any language usually grows. It incorporates foreign words in its usage. English is no exception. It has very many foreign words.

This quiz is to make you identify where foreign words came from and find out its meaning. I love using the word Bon voyage here. The words are French which means have a nice trip. There are many others that we use. Let us see how much you remember their meaning or origin.

Let’s travel together.

  • Question of

    Identify Ad nauseum with its meaning and place of origin.

    • French a sickening degree
    • Italians sickening degree
    • Latin-sickening degree
    • Greek-sickening degree
  • Question of

    Bona fide

    • Latin-genuine
    • French-fake
    • Hebrew-genuine
    • Greek-fake
  • Question of

    Which one means unlimited authority?

    • Modus operandi
    • Bon voyage
    • Carte Blanche
    • End masse
  • Question of

    Faux pas is…

    • Latin
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Hebrew
  • Question of

    Which is ‘Let the buyer be aware’

    • Caveat emptor
    • Carte Blanche
    • Fait accompli
    • Ipso capto
  • Question of

    Persona non grata means

    • A respected person
    • A responsible person
    • Unwanted person
    • A great person
  • Question of

    Which one came from Latin meaning ‘donated without charge’

    • Quid pro quo
    • Veni vidi vici
    • Prima donna
    • Pro bono
  • Question of

    What should be done to these words when we use them in written English?

    • Add commas
    • Italicized
    • Bracketed
    • Punctuated


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