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Libraries and Librarians: a quiz

I have spent all my working life in libraries of various kinds, and (at the age of 65) I still have two part-time library jobs – a paid one at a university library and a voluntary one at a local public library. But how much do you know about how libraries operate, their history, and the people who work in them? Here’s your chance to find out!

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    Which of these famous people worked as a librarian late in his life?

    • Alexander Fleming
    • Giacomo Casanova
    • Johannes Brahms
    • Charles Darwin
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    Going on the total number of catalogued items, which is the largest library in the World?

    • British Library
    • Library of Congress
    • Russian State Library
    • New York Public Library
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    Who was the industrialist whose philanthropy established more than 3,000 public libraries?

    • John Paul Getty
    • John D Rockefeller
    • Henry Ford
    • Andrew Carnegie
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    Which poet was also a university librarian?

    • T S Eliot
    • Robert Frost
    • Philip Larkin
    • Dylan Thomas
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    At which Dewey classification would you expect to find books on the history of art?

    • 160
    • 320.34
    • 510.56
    • 709
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    At which British university will you find the Bodleian Library

    • Cambridge
    • Oxford
    • London
    • Edinburgh
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    What is a “Special Library”?

    • One that is particularly good
    • One that is only open to people who have passed a written test
    • One that serves the needs of a particular institution that is outside the academic or public sphere
    • One that has been selected by a government to be allowed to use that term
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    What does a librarian mean by “circulation”?

    • The way that people move round the library shelves
    • The process of issuing and returning books and other library items
    • The air conditioning system
    • The means by which staff can be promoted
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    Karl Marx spent many hours in the reading room of which London Museum’s library?

    • Victoria and Albert Museum
    • British Museum
    • Science Museum
    • Imperial War Museum
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    Which of the following services would a student NOT be able to obtain at the Kimberlin Library, De Montfort University, Leicester? (which is where I work on Monday evenings!)

    • Loans of laptop computers
    • One-on-one help with a wide range of study skills
    • A variety of study spaces including silent areas, “free and easy” zones and bookable rooms for group work
    • 24-hour access, 365 days a year
    • Blankets in case of cold knees in the small wee hours
    • Refreshment facilities – staffed during the day, vending machines all the time
    • No problem – all of these (and much more) are on offer!


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