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What do you know about the utensils we eat

We all sit at the table to eat. And do we know some details about the cutlery we eat? This can be checked right now in this test. Good luck and luck to all who want to try.


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  • Which of the food utensils appears first?

    • fork
    • the knife
    • spoon
  • How many years ago did the knife appear as an invention?

    • 4500
    • 3700
    • 5000
  • By who invented the folding knife

    • the ancient Greeks
    • Romans
    • Indians
  • How many years ago did the first spoon appear

    • 2000
    • 3000
    • 4000
  • The first fork is made of gold with two teeth for whom she was

    • Russian princess
    • an English queen
    • Byzantine princess
  • From which country the prototype of today’s fork appears

    • Ancient Greece
    • Turkey
    • France
  • What fork we use when we eat fish

    • big four-band
    • middle four
    • middle trident
  • In which country for the first time they use wooden or bamboo sticks like eating utensils

    • China
    • Mongolia
    • Japan
  • Which kind of sticks is best for eating

    • porcelain
    • untreated wood and bamboo
    • lacquered wood
  • In Latin and ancient Greek, the word “spoon” is

    • Yes
    • No

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