International Development Organisations; Global Governance Quangos & World Regulatory Agencies (Part Three)

Hi. Here is my 3rd quiz on global quangos, international development organisations and UN agencies. Test yourself on 10 further global governance acronyms, which are the names of several top international development quangos, UN organisations and other world regulatory agencies. After completing the quiz; please leave your comments, score and up-vote in the section below. Thanks.

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    Which international development finance quango, that is part of the World Bank; does the acronym, IFC, stand for?

    • International Finance Company
    • International Finance Corporation
    • International Finance Confederation
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    Which international Human Resources Co-ordinating Quango does the acronym, WCL, stand for in global development work?

    • World Concern for Labour
    • World Council for Labour
    • World Confederation of Labour
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    What is the name of the international regulatory quango with the acronym, ILC; which has overall responsibility for the regulatory and monitoring work undertaken in the legal field across the world?

    • International Law Commission
    • International Legal Council
    • International Laws Confederation
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    Which international development regulatory quango with the acronym, ITU, is responsible for the global governance, regulations and monitoring of the entire world’s telecommunications industries?

    • International Telephone-Numbers Union
    • International Telecommunications Universal
    • International Telecommunication Union
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    In global governance regulatory work, which international development organisation (quango) does the acronym, IHO, stand for?

    • International Hospitality Organisation
    • International Hotels Organisation
    • International Hydrographic Organisation
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    Which international development quango organisation with the acronym, IEC, provides vital global regulatory work on technical electrical matters?

    • International Electrical Council
    • International Electricity Consumers
    • International Electrotechnical Commission
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    Which UN international development quango organisation does the acronym, UNRISD, stand for?

    • United Nations Refugees Information Systems Department
    • United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
    • United Nations Resources Institute for Schools Development
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    Which international regulatory quango with the acronym, IFRB, is responsible for the global governance and monitoring of the world’s allocation and use of frequencies?

    • International Frequency Registration Board
    • International Frequency Requirements Board
    • International Frequency Requirements Board
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    Which international development quango that governs the surface of the world’s oceans’ grounds does the acronym, ISA, stand for?

    • International Seas Association
    • International Sea Surfaces Agency
    • International Seabed Authority
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    In regulating global governance, which United Nation’s affiliated international development quango does the acronym, ICES, stand for?

    • International Commission for Examining Science
    • International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
    • International Chamber of Expert Scientists


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