PART TWO: Global Governance & International Development Organisations (QUANGOS)

Hi. Here is my 2nd Quiz on Global Governance Quangos and International Development Organisations (IDO); including United Nations Agencies. Test yourself on global governance with 10 more acronyms of some well-known international development quangos and world regulatory agencies. After completing the quiz; you could leave your comments, score and up-vote in the section below. Thanks.

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    Which international development organisation, that is part of the World Bank; does the acronym, IDA, stand for?

    • International Developers Association
    • International Devaluation Association
    • International Development Association
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    Amongst the many International Development agencies/quangos working on Global Governance, which United Nations organisation does the acronym, UNIDO, stand for?

    • United Nations Industrial Development Organization
    • United Nations International Development Organization
    • United Nations Information Distribution Organization
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    In the international publishing industry, what does the well-used global regulations acronym, ISBN, stand for?

    • International Series of Bookshop Numbers
    • International Series of Book Numbers
    • International Standard Book Number
    • International Standard Bookshop Number
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    In international development environmental regulatory work, what does the acronym, UNFCCC, stand for?

    • United Nations Foundation Concerning Climate Change
    • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
    • United Nations Federation of Charities on Climate Change
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    In the international industry for the teaching and learning of English Language in all countries; what does the well-known global acronym, IELTS, stand for?

    • International English Language Testing Standard
    • International English Language Training Services
    • International English Language Testing System
    • International English Language Training Standards
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    What is the name of the international development quango with the acronym, WMO; which is responsible for monitoring climate/weather changes across the globe/planet?

    • Weather Monitoring Organisation
    • World Monitoring Organisation
    • Weather Meteorological Organisation
    • World Meteorological Organisation
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    Which international regulatory quango with the acronym, ILO, provides global governance and enforcement on Human Resources matters?

    • International Labour Office
    • International Labour Organization
    • International Labour Order
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    Which UN international development organisation/quango does the acronym, UNHCR, stand for?

    • United Nations High Commission on Railways
    • United Nations High Commission for Reconciliation
    • United Nations High Commission for Refugees
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    What is the name of the international regulatory quango with the acronym, ICAO; which has overall responsibility for monitoring passenger flights across the globe?

    • International Civil Aviation Organization
    • International Central Aviation Organization
    • International Central Airways Organization
    • International Civil Airways Organization
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    Which international regulatory quango with the acronym, IEA, provides global governance on matters relating to all forms of energy production and use throughout the world?

    • International Energy Authority
    • International Energy Agency
    • International Energy Association


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