The Support System of Geriatrics

Some of you had elders in the family. They are the root of the family and had shown sacrifices for so many years. In the family, they are the sources of strength and wisdom. In memories, the children are their pride. They did unremarkable actions to save the family and be the best in parenting their children.

Through the years, some of these elders lost their ability to take good care of them anymore. They need their family to support them. Asian people, it is their obligation to live with them.  This is the culture that can never be broken by anyone despite the changes in the modern world.

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I do respect the other countries that allow their elders to check-in in a healthcare facility. It is where they grow older with the other elders.  It is also a part of a culture that passed on from one generation to another. It depends on what is the arrangement between the children and the elders. In some instances, they can hire private nurses to take good care of the elders in their respective residents.

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Whatever the culture or the practices around the globe, they still need to give full support to the elders. Financially, it is a good way to cater the needs of these old folks. In fact, it is still not enough. They still need emotional support while in senility stage or in the normal course of aging.

Geriatric management is the best short terms courses or family should have self-study matters to understand what’s going through the elders.Most of the elders are somewhat sensitive. “Do you know what the real cause of geriatric sensitivity?” It could be inflicted with diseases, under medication, regression and the like. The family should know how to deal with these factors that made the elders sensitive.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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