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How familiar are you with the iPhone?

Everywhere you look today, you are sure to find someone using an iPhone. It is one of the most popular cell phones in the world today. How well are you familiar with the iPhone? Take this short quiz to find out…

  • What is the name of iPhone’s virtual assistant?

    • Siri
    • Bixby
    • Alexa
  • What operating system does the iPhone use?

    • Android
    • iOS
    • Microsoft Windows
  • What is the name of iPhone’s app store?

    • iTunes store
    • App Store
    • Google Play
  • What is the name of the bigger size iPhones?

    • Mega
    • Plus
    • XL
  • Which iPhone does not exist?

    • iPhone X
    • iPhone Y
    • iPhone S6
  • Does the iPhone allow you to block unwanted phone numbers?

    • Yes
    • No
  • What is the name of iPhone’s navigation app?

    • Maps
    • Google Maps
    • Waze
  • What’s the default app for reading books on the iPhone?

    • iBooks
    • iRead
    • iBrowse
  • What is the name of the sleep/sleep analysis feature in the iPhone’s Clock app?

    • Sleeptime
    • Snoozetime
    • Bedtime
  • Besides “Find iPhone” what other find app comes with the new iOS?

    • Find Friends
    • Find Money
    • Find Parking
  • For iPhone users, what mobile payment/digital wallet service allows you to make in-store, in-app and online purchases without swiping your card or entering its info?

    • My Wallet
    • Samsung Pay
    • Apple Pay
  • What is the name of the app that allows you to set up what’s in question 10?

    • Wallet
    • My Cards
    • Money

What do you think?

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