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Do Your Own Short Film: iPhone or Video Camera?

Monday, June 18, 2018

At 7 pm, I attended a Canon workshop about filmmakers’ journey from DSLR to cinematic camera. The couple teaching this workshop are married couple, Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir, filmmakers who work on music videos, documentaries, and ad campaigns. Their toddler son was at the event, restlessly walking around in the building. I decided to check out this workshop because I wanted new ideas for YouTube videos.

  • Filmmaking has changed from Mini DV to present day video cameras.
  • Lens haves changed from 35mm to 16mm to 8mm to Super 8
  • It is important to choose an amazing location for your photo shoot.
  • DSLR works great in low light, has many lenses access, you don’t need permits, and you don’t need to color grade.

It is best to do your photo shoot from sunrise to 10:30 am because the natural light is best during this time period. The 5D and 7D cameras are very visual. When filming a video, it is important to have a concept and message.

They displayed some of their video work.

  • City of Harvest documentary is about feeding the homeless and hungry in NYC.
  • C300 camera is perfect for cinema and documentaries.
  • Alternative Energy documentary with Mark Ruffalo, which is about all the oil drilling and fossil fuels in LA.
  • Chrome Hearts X ad campaign, starring Supermodel Bella Hadid.
  • Jesse Jo Stark live music video, which appeared in fashion magazines V and W.
  • Lindsey Stirling documentary about people getting together to help the victims of Hurricane disasters.

Before working on your video, think about what you want to do and ask yourself a couple of questions. What are most people’s interests? Go on Social Media and take a poll to get an idea. Go on YouTube and see which videos are going viral. Then, seek out cool locations that best fits your message and content. Use your unique talents and be different in order to stand out and set a higher standard. And, keep creating what you want to do because practice makes perfect. Know your target audience for your content and message. Then, promote your video everywhere on the internet.

When I walked out of the building at 9pm, I noticed the weather felt kind of cold. What a change because last week was hot. I checked my mailbox to notice that I received the summer 2018 issue of C Magazine, in which I will list my favorites ideas for this summer in a later post.


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