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History Quiz Part 2

Everyone wants to increase their General Knowledge. Here I give you 10 questions related to history so check out your knowledge about History.

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    What was the name of the atom bomb dropped in Hiroshima city?

    • Fat Boy
    • Little Boy
    • Fat Man
  • Question of

    In which century did Portuguese merchants first land in Goa?

    • 15th
    • 16th
    • 17th
    • 17th
  • Question of

    Who is known as the Artist of the world famous painting ‘Mona Lisa’?

    • Leonardo da vinci
    • Michelangelo
    • Vincent van Gogh
  • Question of

    Which is India’s first Colour film?

    • Alam Ara
    • Kisan Kanya
    • Mother India
  • Question of

    The Upanishads are_____?

    • Books of ancient Hindu laws
    • a source of Hindu philosophy
    • prayers to god
  • Question of

    Who were the first European settlers in India?

    • English
    • Portuguese
    • Dutch
  • Question of

    In which year America got Independence?

    • 1760
    • 1776
    • 1780
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    Who was Socrates most famous student:

    • Plato, founder of the world’s first university
    • Homer, author and historian
    • Caesar , Roman leader and conquere
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    Who is known as the ‘Father of History’?

    • Homer
    • Herodotus
    • Thucydides


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