Which Fashion Week 2017 Style Best Fits You?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

OC Fashion Week 2017 theme is about traditional pieces, with some romantic and French-inspired ideas. This quiz analyzes 9 different styles that are created by playing with colors and contrasts as well as adding certain accessories. The styles include Black/White Duality, Monochromatic Red, Shiny Silver Gold, and Diamonds Glitter, Dark Velvets, Bold Floral Embellishments, Deconstruction, Biker Boho, Vintage, and Beverly Hills Sophistication. Take this quiz to see which Fashion Week 2017 style fits your current lifestyle.

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    What is your favorite fashion item from this year’s Fashion Week 2017?

    • Black and white bowtie or necktie
    • A cute red purse
    • A multicolored print design legging in bold colors
    • Lots of shiny and sparkling jewelry with your basic and casual outfit
    • Velvet outfit
    • Adding a bold and colorful floral arrangement of gemmed pins on your monochromatic black outfit
    • DIY project to revitalize old clothing into a modern and creative art sculpture statement piece
    • Shopping around at thrift stores as well as going through your mother’s and grandmother’s old clothing to pick up items you can modernize with current accessories and current ideas.
    • Pale Pastels clothing and accessories
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    Which is your favorite Fashion Week?

    • NY Fashion Week
    • Internet Fashion Week—(picking up the latest fashion week ideas from different internet sites, all over the internet)
    • OC Fashion Week
    • Yoworld Fashion Week
    • IMVU Fashion Week
    • Europe Fashion Week
    • YouTube Fashion Week
    • Thrift Store Fashion Week
    • LA Fashion Week
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    Who is your favorite Designer in 2017?

    • Ralph Lauren
    • Fendi
    • Gucci
    • Valentino
    • Charlotte Russe
    • Roberto Cavalli
    • Yourself via DIY with YouTube demos
    • Prada
    • St. John Knits
  • Question of

    Where do you take your snack breaks?

    • Street Food Carts
    • Watching Independent Channels on your TV
    • At a Coffee Shop
    • Facebook
    • Internet Café
    • Blogging Sites
    • Watching youtube videos
    • Food Trucks
    • Sidewalk Café
  • Question of

    What is your favorite energizing snack during Fashion Week?

    • can drink
    • Affogato Al Caffe
    • Cappuccino at a coffee shop
    • DIY Stovetop Moka Espresso
    • DIY French Press Espresso
    • Turkish Coffee
    • Icy water with some Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Your Water Bottle with your choice of drink
    • Nekter natural juices
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    Who is your favorite runway model in 2017?

    • Hailey Clauson
    • Bella Hadid
    • Gigi Hadid
    • My Yoworld avatar
    • My IMVU avatar
    • Barbara Palvin
    • Kendall Jenner
    • Store Window Mannequin
    • Erin Heatherton
  • Question of

    What is your favorite form of transportation?

    • subway
    • internet surfing
    • car
    • motor scooter
    • Private Jets
    • Trains and Eurail Train
    • Walking, hiking & backpacking with your iPhone
    • bicycle
    • buses and taxis


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    MODERN MINIMALISM: BLACK & WHITE duality, Masonic symbolism, simplicity, cleanliness, and contrast. You are likely to look sophisticated and elegant, but in a severe and harsh way, almost like a black-tie waiter or butler. Must-have items include bowtie and pointy ballet flats. A gold wire and round necklace look like a charm necklace, which is also worn with a black and white print scarf, a gold ring with black and diamond design, and a black and white metal bracelet. Other accessories include knee-high boots and a small oval-shaped purse that looks modern and compact. The classic white shirt now has added ruffles, whether on the collar or the sleeves, adding a feminine and romantic touch to your overall outfit. Wear this white shirt with black pants or skirt, as well as a black tie, and maybe a black vest and jacket, with a black or white belt cinching the waist. You might also consider a midi length white pleated skirt with a white shirt. You might also consider oxfords as optional shoes with pants.

  2. Awesome quiz for fashion lovers. Some of my answers were a bit random but I got this:


    This style is about recycling, reusing, renovating, and remodeling. It is about making most with what you already have, but improving upon it in some way. The final product has a story because it has been through a lot. A typical deconstructed idea is a kid’s pants that have become too short. The kid’s mother usually sews on a certain length hem at the bottom of these pants from another fabric or material to make the pants long enough for her kid’s current leg length. This is a fun DIY project that many people can enjoy designing and doing a creative makeover on their old and tired items.

  3. I did my own quiz twice, mostly to test it out, as well as I couldnt really decide which choice I liked better since it was my quiz and they were really all my choices. I got different ones for each time, Traditional Classics and Biker Boho.

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