To what extent do you know and how many your pets – cats

When someone posts a post with cats, we all love them very much. I want to check your knowledge for some of their habits. They are undoubtedly very kind and lovingly beings. Let’s entrust it to my first test. I wish you good luck.

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    Who is the dominant paw in female cats?

    • the right one
    • left
  • Question of

    Do cats recognize the sweet taste?

    • yes
    • no
  • Question of

    Why is the cat looking for a head in people?

    • Marks them as their territorys
    • To show their love
  • Question of

    How much is the risk of stroke or heart attack reduced if you have a cat?

    • 1/2
    • 1/3
  • Question of

    How many percent of your life are cats sleeping?

    • 70%
    • 75%
  • Question of

    How many sounds do cats produce?

    • 74
    • 100
  • Question of

    The largest cat is long

    • 1,38
    • 1,23
  • Question of

    Why do cats wash so often?

    • to eliminate the human odor
    • to be clean and fur to be fluffy
  • Question of

    What the cat’s whiskers serve for

    • to pass through a narrow space
    • as additional “antennas” for orientation
  • Question of

    How many kittens is the biggest cat litter

    • of 19 survivors only 15
    • of 19 survivors only 18


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  1. I find the cat washing question and answer very interesting. My cat spends most of his time trying to get on to my knee – whatever I’m doing! – so I would have thought that he can’t find my smell all that terrible!

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