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How does the cat become a desirable pet, although by nature it is a predator?

How does the cat become a desirable pet, although by nature it is a predator?

Combining incredibly intimate proximity and gentle dedication with the uncompromising reflexes and determination of the predator originates from ancient Egypt. Wild African cats have begun to enter the homes of men to search for mice in the barns, and the Egyptians have learned that they have a cat benefit. So cats become domesticated and they become part of human life. Even with the Egyptians, the domestic cat becomes a divine animal. The cat goddess Basset, which the Egyptians worshiped, was depicted as a sitting cat or a cat-headed woman. Honoring the cat as a sacred animal was so strong that the dead cats were mummified like pharaohs.


Many psychologists are of the opinion that a kitten as a pet has a therapeutic effect on emotional trauma or the loss of a close person. It acts very reassuringly, creates a sense of fullness in life, but with its unconditional love and stimulates a desire for life. His love and games can distract and fill the soul of an emotionally afflicted person and give him an incredible sense of life.

Otherwise, cats are great pets. Fluffy, loving and playful, with them spending the evening on their lap and listening to their pleasing rhythmic purring, you can forget all your troubles during the day. In recent years, many studies have demonstrated the calming effect of the kitten as a pet.

There are a lot of people who think that their cat helps them connect with the wild and intuitive beginning in themselves. The fancier’s incredible ability to act relaxing and unloading his owner from the strain makes him an extremely valuable friend at home. According to experts, the presence and caressing of a favorite kitten in a home setting lowers blood pressure in people with anxiety disorders and depressive states. Some even claim that cats are able to find our sick places very successfully and lying on them to treat us with their tender purr.


Taking a kitten at home, you have to know that it will give you a lot of love but will also rely on the same one of you. Cats are very sensitive and even jealous animals. They are life-independent beings and are very liberal, and therefore we should not try to over-burden them and be rough with them. There are opinions, for example, that there are breeds of cats like Siamese, which become aggressive. That’s not exactly the case! It is only man who can turn a kitten into aggressive. Cats are generally not insane, and the problems in their behavior are always due to some man-made stress.


For example, your kitten would not suffer a family scandal normally and it is capable of causing serious stress in it and even depression for a long time.


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  1. Beautifully captured lovely creatures. Yes, cats are beneficial but I also love dogs. The difference is that with a dog, you stay in shape as you go out for walks with them. But I also very much prefer having both cats and dogs together as pets as long as they do not fight like “cats and dogs”…..


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