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Darlo’s News Quiz (24/8/17)

How much attention have you been paying to domestic and international events during the last few days? When the TV news was on, was it a case of “in one ear, out the other”? Or are you a news junkie? Take this quiz and find out!

Please share your reactions below, as well as any suggestions for improving future versions. And don’t forget to have fun 🙂

Note: photos are only indicative. Don’t pay too much atention to the detail in them.

  • Question of

    A town in which country refused to remove swastikas from a public park?

    • Canada
    • Austria
    • Australia
  • Question of

    In which country was the torso of a journalist found after she disappeared on a homemade submarine?

    • Scotland
    • Denmark
    • South Africa
  • Question of

    Which war-torn country’s cholera epidemic is currently the largest in the world, with over half a million cases?

    • Somalia
    • Syria
    • Yemen
  • Question of

    Google is teaming up with which retail giant to offer voice-enabled shopping?

    • Costco
    • Walmart
    • Home Depot
  • Question of

    Last week, a van was driven down a boulevard in Spain, killing 13 people and injuring more than 100. In which Spanish city did this attack take place?

    • Barcelona
    • Malaga
    • Madrid
  • Question of

    Which country saw more than 100 train accidents since the start of last year, and over 200 injuries in train crashes in the last week?

    • South Africa
    • China
    • India
  • Question of

    Jose Eduardo dos Santos, the world’s second-longest serving president is stepping down. Which country has he led for the last 38 years?

    • Portugal
    • Mozambique
    • Angola
  • Question of

    What happened on the Italian island of Ischia a few days ago?

    • Outbreak of bubonic plague
    • Earthquake
    • Thousands witness religious statues moving


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