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Courage The Cowardly Dog Quiz: How Well Do You Know COURAGE?

I have previously posted a quiz about how well you know the show called “Courage The Cowardly Dog: How Well Do You Know The Show?” In this quiz, we will be exploring how well fans know the most loved character in the show. We can all agree that we get happy when we learn new things we didn’t know before about things that matter to us, such as our favorite shows. This is an opportunity to test your knowledge and see what else you can learn!

  • Question of

    Why is Courage known as “the cowardly dog” when his name means bravery?

    • It’s an oxymoron because Courage is really a scaredycat and doesn’t really show any bravery throughout the show.
    • The name Courage the Cowardly Dog means that even though the pooch is scared out of his mind, he still builds up the courage to save his family and home, no matter how bad the situation is.
    • There is no meaning behind the name; it was created by accident.
    • There is some other reason that is not mentioned here.
  • Question of

    What is Courage’s favorite toy to chew on?

    • An Anchor
    • A Boot
    • He doesn’t like teething on toys.
    • He loves chewing, but the toy is not mentioned here.
  • Question of

    What is Courage’s favorite food?

    • Dog Food
    • He will eat anything.
    • He hates eating food.
    • His favorite food is not listed here.
  • Question of

    What is Courage’s favorite toy to play with instead of chew on?

    • His Yo-Yo.
    • He doesn’t play with toys.
    • His favorite toy is not listed here.
    • He plays with many toys, so he doesn’t have a favorite.
  • Question of

    Who is Courage’s favorite person?

    • Muriel Bagge, the sweet old lady that takes care of him.
    • Eustace Bagge, the sweet old man that takes care of him.
    • He doesn’t play favorites. He loves both his owners equally.
    • His favorite person is someone else.
  • Question of

    Where does Courage sleep?

    • Outside
    • In the living room
    • In the attic
    • In bed with Muriel and Eustace
  • Question of

    How does Courage react to people coming to the farm house?

    • He’s happy to have company.
    • He gets angry because he hates company.
    • Scared and suspicious, imagining a trillion ways how they can hurt his owners.
    • He doesn’t have a reaction whatsoever.
  • Question of

    Why are Courage’s screams such a hit in the show?

    • They sound hilarious and contain the most unique and comic gags.
    • There is nothing special about Courage’s screams.
    • His screams are signature reactions to the events in the show.
    • Option 1 and 3 are correct.
  • Question of

    What is Courage’s most loved quote?

    • “I know I’m not gonna like this.”
    • “The things I do for love.”
    • “Nooooooo!”
    • He doesn’t speak; he only babbles.
  • Question of

    When does Courage hate Muriel’s cooking?

    • When she adds too much vinegar.
    • Her cooking is horrible all the time.
    • He never hates her cooking.
    • When she gives him actual dog food.
  • Question of

    Courage hates Eustace, period. Yes or no?

    • Yes, loathes entirely! He really hates that farmer!
    • He loves him! He just hates his abuse towards him!
    • No, never! He loves him for who he is!
    • He hates and loves him at the same time for no specific reason.
  • Question of

    What is Courage’s personality like?

    • He’s a selfless sweetheart, even though he could be easily tempered or demonstrate attitude.
    • He doesn’t have a unique personality; he acts like any other dog.


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    • Don’t worry, some of the questions aren’t so obvious unless you spend your time looking at every single episode and remember them well. On the plus side, you learned new facts about this dog that’s too die for! I hope you enjoyed the quiz! That’s what matters. =P

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