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A Completely Murderous Quiz

You might sometimes tackle a puzzle or a quiz that deserves to be called “sheer murder”, but this one really is! Here are 10 “killer” questions – all about famous murders from historical or more recent times.

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    Who took an axe and gave her mother 40 whacks (or so it is said!)

    • Barbara Villiers
    • Lizzie Borden
    • Margaret Clap
    • Kate Meyrick
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    Which King was murdered in the Tower of London in 1483 (probably)?

    • Edward II
    • Edward IV
    • Edward V
    • Richard III
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    Which English playwright was murdered in a tavern on 20th May 1593?

    • William Shakespeare
    • Christopher Marlowe
    • Ben Jonson
    • William Davenant
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    Which Indian politician was murdered by a teenage girl in a suicide bomb attack?

    • Mohandas Gandhi
    • Indira Gandhi
    • Rajiv Gandhi
    • Sanjay Gandhi
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    What was the French Revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat doing when he was murdered by Charlotte Corday?

    • Walking in his garden
    • Eating his evening meal
    • Presiding in court
    • Taking a bath
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    Which Russian murder victim was poisoned, then shot, then drowned in a river?

    • Tsar Alexander III
    • Tsar Nicholas II
    • Grigori Rasputin
    • Leon Trotsky
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    Marvin Gaye was killed by which member of his family?

    • His brother
    • His father
    • His uncle
    • His cousin
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    Which Roman Emperor attempted to kill his mother by sinking her boat, but had to order her murder by other means when she swam to shore?

    • Nero
    • Caligula
    • Commodus
    • Caracalla
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    What was the play that Abraham Lincoln was watching when he was shot?

    • Macbeth
    • Hamlet
    • Our Mrs McChesney
    • Our American Cousin
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    On which day in 1929 did Al Capone and his gang commit a gruesome massacre?

    • Easter Day
    • St Valentine’s Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Day


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