Celebrated children: a quiz

This is a quiz about children – some real – some fictional – who either made a name for themselves early in life, or who had their name made for them whether they wanted this to happen or not. How will you do?

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    Which musical gangster film had a cast made up entirely of children?

    • Annie Get Your Gun
    • Bugsy Malone
    • Chicago
    • Calamity Jane
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    Anna Anderson claimed to be which daughter of Tsar Nicholas II?

    • Anastasia
    • Olga
    • Maria
    • Tatiana
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    The novel “Children of the New Forest” by Captain Marryat was set during which conflict?

    • World War I
    • World War II
    • The Wars of the Roses
    • The English Civil War
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    Caesarion’s mother was Cleopatra. Who was his father?

    • Mark Anthony
    • Pompey
    • Julius Caesar
    • Augustus Caesar
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    Peter, Phyllis and Roberta appear in which book by E Nesbit?

    • Five Children and It
    • The Railway Children
    • The Wouldbegoods
    • The House of Arden
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    Who was the famous son of Jennie Jerome?

    • Jerome K Jerome
    • Winston Churchill
    • Donald Trump
    • The Duke of Wellington
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    What was the brand name of the unsuccessful car named after Henry Ford’s son?

    • Ansel
    • Ensel
    • Edsel
    • Aslef
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    What was the name of William Shakespeare’s son?

    • Othello
    • William
    • Hamlet
    • Hamnet
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    Sylvia was one of the daughters of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. Who was the other?

    • Muriel
    • Christine
    • Christabel
    • Marguerite
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    Moon Unit is the daughter of which rock star?

    • Bruce Springsteen
    • Stevie Nicks
    • Mick Jagger
    • Frank Zappa


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