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Can You Guess What Stuffs Do They Collect?

Collecting stuffs (either coins, stamps, figures, etc.) is one of the most obsessive and addictive hobbies among people who are devout to their interests and other passionate pastimes. If you have that one passion of collecting stuffs as your hobby, you could be lucky enough to be featured by Guinness World Records once you got all the most number of stuffs in your specific interest.

The quiz is just simple, you just need to guess the stuffs being collected by people who has distinct name based on their stuff collections, or I will post a picture and you will guess their distinct name for that certain people.

So are you ready? I made 20 questions out of this, to make the quiz more fun and challenging. Make sure you get 12/20 for a passing score.

Good luck and please share this to your friends to spread the fun and knowledge!

  • Question of

    What do you call a person who collects teddy bears?

    • numismatist
    • milliner
    • arctophilist
    • discophile
  • Question of

    A deltiologist is a person who collects what?

    • postcards
    • rocks
    • toy cars
    • caps
  • Question of

    What do you call a person who collects dolls?

    • philatelist
    • plangonologist
    • toxophilist
    • pharologist
  • Question of

    A vexillologist is a person who has an obsession to collect what stuffs?

    • paintings
    • banknotes
    • flags
    • posters
  • Question of

    What do you call a person who loves to collect coins?

    • philatelist
    • funambulist
    • spelunker
    • numismatist
  • Question of

    What does a spermologer collects?

    • sperms
    • trivias
    • candles
    • sex toys
  • Question of

    What is the distinct name for the people who loves to collect butterflies and moths?

    • lepidopterist
    • labeorphilist
    • bibliophilist
    • oologist
  • Question of

    A virtuoso is a person who has passion to collect what?

    • furnitures
    • works of art
    • movies
    • relics
  • Question of

    A person who likes collecting shells is called as what?

    • exlibrist
    • helixophilist
    • logogriphist
    • conchologist
  • Question of

    Other name for cruciverbalist is logogriphist. What does it collects?

    • crucifix
    • crossword puzzles
    • logo posters
    • sudoku
  • Question of

    A person who collects badges and patches is called as what?

    • fusilatelist
    • cochlearist
    • scutelliphilist
    • pucillovist
  • Question of

    What does a gnomologist collects?

    • sayings
    • gnome figures
    • songs
    • jokes
  • Question of

    A person who travels the world just to collect bank notes is called as what?

    • philatelist
    • notaphilist
    • numismatist
    • argyrotheocologist
  • Question of

    A brolliologist is a person especially a woman who has a desire to collect what?

    • ribbons
    • dolls
    • lipsticks
    • umbrellas
  • Question of

    What do you call a person, especially kids, who love to collect toy soldiers?

    • militiludibriologist
    • vitrumarisologist
    • sphragistiphist
    • rhabdophilist
  • Question of

    A labeorphilist collects what?

    • softdrinks
    • beer bottles
    • wine labels
    • corks
  • Question of

    A person who collects keyrings or keychains is called as what?

    • iconophile
    • audiophile
    • bibliophile
    • copoclephile
  • Question of

    A cartophilist is a person who collects what?

    • matchboxes
    • vipes
    • cigarette cards
    • lighters
  • Question of

    A person who loves collecting ties is what?

    • fromologist
    • errinophilist
    • memomagnetist
    • grabatologist
  • Question of

    A key collector is called as what?

    • cartomaniac
    • cagophilist
    • pernalogist
    • vecturist


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Written by Trafalgar Law

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