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Can You Guess The Meaning Of These Bizarrely Specific Vocab Words?

When we say specific, we mean specific. Hi wordsmiths! This game is really easy. All you have to do is guess the meaning of the words in red. Can you pass this quiz? Good Luck! 🙂

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    This written fairy tale will not be complete until you rubricate it.

    • To proofread
    • To add decorative, uppercase letters
    • To rewrite completely
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    The story ended with a eucatastrophe that left me in joyous tears.

    • A happy ending to a story
    • An unhappy ending to a story
    • An emotionally complicated ending to a story
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    He was unable to forge the permission slip because of his father’s elaborate paraph.

    • The flourish at end of a signature
    • A signature written in blue
    • A wordy excuse or explanation
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    According to this orrery, there will be a solar eclipse next year.

    • Clockwork model of the solar system
    • Soothsayer
    • Prophecy
  • Question of

    The Gutenberg Bible is the most famous example of an incunablum.

    • An Abrahamic text
    • A book printed before 1501
    • A heretic text
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    People are tellurian, and aliens are not.

    • Made of flesh
    • Reliant on oxygen
    • From planet Earth
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    She had a velleity to author a book, but she never felt like writing.

    • A wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action
    • The strongest form of voilition
    • A wish that is logistically impossibe to fulfill
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    Some lizards can use autotomy to escape from predators.

    • Freedom to self-govern
    • The casting off of a part of the body
    • Fatal venom
  • Question of

    It’s important to invite a deipnosophist to dinner parties to keep the conversation going.

    • An evening entertainer
    • A holistic hypnotist
    • A master at dinner-party conversation
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    The commenters on this post will inevitably engage in logomachy.

    • A neurosurgical procedure that involves the front of the brain
    • An argument about words
    • An verbal squabble about nothing in particular


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