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Would you like your guests to make changes to your home?

Lately I have seen several posts about what should or should not be changed on Virily. I wondered what the purpose of these posts was. Apart from the fact that the presence of the word Virily in the title, generates many views, I did not see the meaning of these posts. Please don’t be upset by what I say. That’s my point of view. We can write what goes through our heads. We are free to approach any topic that does not violate common sense. If we make a minimum effort we are paid every month. I don’t think we need more! We are guests here. Guests do not make changes in the host’s house! If they feel good, they will stay if not, they leave. The rest is up to the administrators how they run their business. They know better than us!

The only thing I’m missing here is the opportunity to communicate with the administrators.

  • Would you like your guests to make changes to your home?

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Written by Ileana Calotescu



  1. While making suggestions is the prerogative of users here I do agree talking about posts being interesting may not quite be possible as what interests one may not interest another.

    • My area of interest is photography! I will always focus on photography. I will always try to accompany the photo with a little text to bring information. I do not always succeed, but I hope my photos will succeed in speaking for me.

      • I am pretty new here and what I have understood is the more views a post gets the more will the site earn too. Most here do not even read posts but rush with just viewing and move on. That is their way no doubt but I would have been happy if they read the posts and even responded to them. As long as the site has no issues with it who am I to question them.