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World Smile Day

There are smiles of all kinds: happy, happy, sad, ironic, shy, rascals, sarcastic… today we celebrate that smile that only the look confirms that comes from the heart. Today we celebrate that smile that illuminates the soul of the beholder!

But how to smile when sadness overcomes joy? Experts in body expression and its effects on the brain, such as Amy Cuddy, have found that smiling, even if we are very sad, will help lessen sadness. This is because it has been realized that the unconscious also understands body language and accentuates emotions and / or sensations depending on our postures. For example, when we are sad, we tend to close ourselves, lower our heads and arms, and bend our spines. These postures still push us further into the so-called downward spiral. You have to win this fight and smile outside and inside, doing the opposite:

1. If you are walking – raise your head, lift your chin up (as high as possible) and smile, even if forcibly – walk like this as long as you can;

2. If you are seated – raise your head, lift your chin up (as high as possible) and smile even if you do not feel like it. Put your hands behind your head and put your legs high on another chair or desk – stay as long as you can and feel comfortable;

3. Close your eyes for a few minutes – Make some deep breaths and breaths out slowly. Then imagine that your brain inside is smiling, as is your heart, lungs, liver, stomach, etc.! Open your eyes slowly. While having these body postures try to remember, similarly, something or someone who makes you happy! Feel this joy in your heart, let it invade you!

Today, besides being obligatory to try these little tips is mandatory to smile! Do you know why? Because your smile may not be worth much to the world but it is certainly someone’s world!

Happy Smile Day!

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