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Wired Forest

Few years ago I was learning how to make wire trees. As always, during learning something new, I was so excited and full of desire to try every idea that comes to my mind. Now, there’a a whole forest of trees in any shape, color and size. I have my favorite and less favorite, but I’m interested to see how you would rate them.

  • What do you prefer?

    • black and white
    • red and white
  • Which is more likable?

    • tiny amethyst tree
    • big rose quartz tree
  • Which of these is cuter?

    • tiny red coral tree
    • big red coral tree
  • Which one is more beautiful?

    • jasper tree
    • turquoise tree
  • Which one is more adorable?

    • tiny peridot tree
    • tiny rose quartz tree
  • Which of these do you prefer?

    • tiny silver wire tree
    • tiny copper wire tree
  • Which one do you prefer?

    • blue flowers tree
    • recycled plastic bottle parts tree
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