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Wider doesn’t means better

The view of my phone camera is limited to a small “range” in front of it. A lens, can widen this view slightly.

But wider doesn’t means better, at least not all the time. A wider view is really good for a group photo of a large group, however when taken for a smaller group or say a single item, the item face some degree of distortion… (at least with this lens)

So, does a wider view always means better? Not necessary. To me, having more information (say either from a wider view or other ways) can be a burden depending on your ability to handle and digest them.

If you, use these new information to fuel and support your older views instead of updating them and/or you actually hates them or foster hatred… then its rather you don’t possess them in the first place.

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    Does this photo appears distorted?

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    • No
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    Have you ever gotten some information that made you uncomfortable?

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    • No


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    • I agree … I’ve often forget to remove or change my lens and get really bad photos …
      but I guess its the same when we probe and try to know about information where we can really do without … especially when they make us unhappy or umcomfortable

    • Yes, I agree … there’ll be a situation for the wide lens as well as any other lens. Just that we need to use the correct len for the correct things, same as how we deal with information… just my thought.

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