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Why do we see smoke coming out of our mouths in severe cold?

In world this year, the intensity of the cold has been very much seen all over the world and you may have seen smoke coming out of your mouth these days as you breathe out. But have you ever wondered why this is so, why our breath suddenly starts to appear in the cold and what is the reason?

In fact, the reason for this is very interesting and if you consider it, you can understand by yourself. If you do not want to consider, you will be aware that 60% of the human body is made up of water. This amount of water means that when we exhale, not only carbon dioxide but also a certain amount of water vapor is emitted.

Water molecules require a lot of energy to stay in a gas-like shape. When hot water vapor molecules form in the lungs, they move out of the body into the cold air, So they form a small drop of fluid water and ice.

In fact, this is the process by which clouds form..

But not only the temperature but also the humidity determines whether you can see your breath in the form of steam. That is, the higher the humidity in the air, the greater the chance of seeing the breath, even if the weather is warm. In comparison, the colder the weather outside, the less chance of seeing the breath as the cold and dry air absorbs water vapor.

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