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Why do cats bring dead animals home?

Those that have cats know what I am talking about.

Although the process of domesticating cats began more than 10,000 years ago, the hunting instinct remains strong. In reality, in a wilder environment, mothers taught their young to eat, bringing dead or injured prey home and that instinct still remains in domesticated cats.

Even though domesticated cats don’t need to hunt to survive, they can’t resist the urge and generally enjoy hunting and chasing – it’s in the blood.

The cat’s instinct is to take the prey they hunted away from the source and return to a safe place where they can eat in peace. Unfortunately for you, this place is probably just outside your door.

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  1. Oh yes Runt, my cat is infamous for bringing dead animals on the back porch deck. Once he even brought a bird in the house. The bird was not dead but Runt let him go out of his mouth inside the house. So guess who was hunting the bird. Both me and Runt. Fortunately, I managed to open both doors and the bird just flew out with Runty trying to catch him again with no luck I think, although I am not sure. Another of my long ago cat brought a mouse inside the house and it was still alive. Same scenario as the bird…. But my hunting prowess is definitely not as high as Runt and Minmin….

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