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Why are memories important?

This year I will not be able to go on holiday by sea. The situation with the virus has greatly deteriorated. So I will spend time until the next vacation with memories.

Memories are like a mosaic. Every little pebble is part of the whole.

Memories. We all have them. Happy, sad, warm, happy, difficult, painful, sparkling, interesting, … They are the threads from which life is woven and the older they are, the deeper they are imprinted on us.

Hidden in the corners of our thoughts, they harden like a shooting star and draw a smile on our faces. Maybe a tear is shed with a smile. Sometimes a smell, sometimes a song or a sound, the resemblance of a man who steps in front of you and a series of images is enough. One by one, they put together into a story. About summer days, warm wind, friends, joy, fun, and blue sea on the horizon.

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  1. I have always liked to just forget the past, and just try to make it into the future…lol…

    There are memories, and then there are memories.

    I do try to remember factual stuff, and useful stuff, but, the past, I have always swept far away behind me.

    Most of it is better forgotten about, at least for me anyway.

    War veterans try to do the same thing, I think, but I am no war veteran, so it would be interesting to find out why I am like that.


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