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Why are fresh olives not available in market?

If you are eager to eat olive oil then you may have tried to find fresh olives in the market, but instead of fresh olives, only packed olive is found in the jar in the shops. You may always thinking why there are no fresh olive available like other fruit available in the market and why it is always available in the jar instead of like fresh fruit.

First reason, especially for countries where olives are not cultivated, nor the climate is favorable for the olive production and the reason it is available in the jar instead of like fresh fruit.

According to the American Chemical Society, fresh olives are bad in taste, No one will likes to taste it once again after tasting it and that is why it is not kept at stores. In the fruit, the element called ‘oleuropein’ is found which makes the taste worse, and in olive it is found 14 %.

In order to make fresh olive ready to eat it is drowned in salt water or it is spent with the boiling phase, and it takes several weeks to process.

The third method is chemical, which takes less time, but with this method, Olive in jar has been preserved for a long period of time and a completely clearing the chemical from olive it is stored in glass bottles.

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  1. That he can, like what you wrote for fresh olives.
    It has them packed in plastic bags, both green and black.
    They also serve in restaurants as a salad decor.
    Olive is mainly processed into oil because it is commercially the most cost-effective.
    The olive leaf is used in the blood pressure lowering chambers.

  2. Here in Spain where I live in the olive season you can buy them on the market. Then you crush them, put them in a jar and pour them with pre-cooked marinade. So you have home-made fresh olives.

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