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When will they learn?

I am kind of frustrated with the kittens who stil do not use the garden but mess around in our toilet. Luckily they do not mess anywhere else. 

We send them out for the night along with the older cats and bring them inside in the mornings but the moment they arrive they will run there and do their job. 

We have now decided not to bring them in  until the late morning and see how it works. 

I know some of you have those litter boxes and your cats are trained to use those boxes but in India they usually use the outdoors. 

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  1. Here, people usually have either indoor or outdoor cats, so indoor cats use litter boxes and outdoor cats do their job outside. However, if they are male cats, even if they are trained, they still go around to “mark their territory”.

  2. I had no issues with the earlier cats. But these are a real problem. They will hold back the whole night and the moment they are let is there rush to the toilet and make it there.

    I have decided to as I have said in my post to let them in much later.

  3. Runt, my cat has had a couple of accidents in the house but otherwise does his business outside and very rarely uses the cat litter. Cats, I find, are slightly more difficult to train than dogs when it comes to pee and poo. But eventually they will learn. One thing I found that most cats and dogs do not like is lemon scent. You can maybe, if you can, wash your floor with a lemon scented cleaner, spray your rugs and furniture with some lemon sprays etc. It should deter them from doing their thing but it might also deter them from staying around you. Sorry I could not help more…

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