I am missing Lolly

Lolly has still not returned.  I miss him so.  Not just me  Even his siblings are missing him. He loved them and was gentle with them  Here you see him with his sister Pinkie  They played together, ate together and cuddled up together 

It is not known why tomcats do this.  Despite all the love shown they suddenly disappear.   We had our earlier cat who did that too.   Preiti our pet dog was quite fond of him but when he returned after 3 years Preiti did not accept him.  He went back broken-hearted. I never saw him again. 

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Written by grace


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  1. I am so9 so sorry for your loss. I lost a dog and a cat that I loved so much. They both died. I miss them everyday. I have pictures around to remind me of them. It is very hard hard. I know it is very hard,but, so happy you have other furry ones around to help you through this. Since they miss him too maybe you all can comfort each other on your shared loss.


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