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When No-Respond is a Respond!

It’s frustrating when problem arise and you get a no-respond as a respond!

Well, that happen to me just recently with the company I deliver for!

Although I said my trip is a last minute one, I’ve notified my in charge more than 1 week before that I won’t be able to make delivery from 18-25th. We didn’t actually plan to be away for so many days but I like to have a few rest days.

However, its good that I did blocked out extra days as it turns out, I do need them. My aunt and her family had decided to join us and we decided to drive to one more city. So the “extra days” becomes useful.

However, suddenly on the 16, I was notified of delivery on the 17!

Which is fine, I mean, I can still deliver on the 17 as most preparations are done by then. But then there is a problem, if delivery fails, what do I do with the parcels? I mean I’m leaving at 4:30am on the 18th! Is there arrangement to reassign them?

(Note: We’re not allowed to leave parcels at doorsteps and we need someone to sign as acknowledgement before we can release the parcels)

I told my in-charger about it and then…

She responded, “How many days will you be away?”

I quoted my message to her and then reminded her that I’ve informed her previously.

And then … silence…

So I sent a reminder a few hours later. Still silence.

Well, I decided that she have been prepared about it already and I don’t need to bug her again with a 3rd message.

The next day, parcels arrived, tied to my gate. So I went ahead and deliver them.

Uh-oh! We’ve 2 failed deliveries! Recipient is hot home and NOT contactable!

Guess what? So is my In-charge!

Now what?

  • Question of

    What would you do?

    • Keep trying to get the in-charge
    • Inform the In-charge that the parcels are being tied at my gate for them to collect back.
    • Try and communicate with the recipients to make re-deliveries happen
    • Hack! It’s their porblem now! I’m off on my trip!
  • Question of

    Would you be frustrated?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. That would be frustrating. I have had people try to deliver parcels and they left me a card to pick up a parcel at their depot or request a delivery at a time when I would be home.

    Yes, I have had that experience with one particular person in my family who stone walls me..No direct answers and this is really annoying. Still, each to their own and try not to let it bother me.

  2. It’s a nightmare and we always hope to not need support right before the weekend. I would say it’s their fault, and I hate when they can’t read a full message, but also feel sorry for the recipients. I would have left my phone number for them to contact so I could explain the situation. Privacy is a big deal but priorities can vary, we exchanged numbers with an express courier in case situations like these arose.

    • The thing is I’m out of town the next morning so leaving my number is quite unless. I do not have consistent connection when I’m overseas.

      However, I pushed and managed to deliver the parcels, hours before I left town. I guess I was lucky the recipients are really nice and cooperative.

      Still, this is a really bad experience for me…

    • To be honest, I was surprised that she went MIA at that point of time. If she is busy or not available, she could pass on the message to anyone else to help out or find others way and not just leave it hanging there.

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