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What warms your home in the winter?

Robin Biznis August 2.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

I first built a house, and then someone told me that before that the architect should suggest a way to heat the apartment, the house when the cold days come.My architect didn’t do it. So I had the choice of a combination to heat the house with electricity and solid fuel, more specifically wood.The first way is clean, there is no physical labor, it only requires a full wallet and plenty of money in it.Electricity in Serbia is expensive.Otherwise it is not cheap.1 cubic meter of firewood cost over $ 50 this summer.That wood needs to be cut. tear and stack.All this has to be paid for.So the question remains what is better,However, as electricity knows in the winter that it can sometimes be unavailable, I am forced to use both methods.

  • Do you use wood for heating?

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  1. Growing up we had a fireplace along with a gas furnace. We had all the wood stacked by the chimney and a big pile of coal across the road for the long winters of the early seventies. We also lived by a wide creek that made the house colder in winter. I loved it.

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