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What to eat to get better eyesight.

Robin Biznis December 23.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

In February this year, I contracted glaucoma in a hospital.Drops or surgery help with this disease, nothing more.But if you only have low vision, you can improve it by taking these foods, at least that’s what doctors say.Here’s what you need to consume daily.

 ApricotApricot contains beta-carotene and lycopene and these two things help you have healthy eyes and better eyesight.In your body, beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A, which resists damage to your lens and prevents degenerative cataract changes.Apricot is rich in carotenoids that repair vision.

CarrotCarrots act similarly to apricots.In addition to the aforementioned two substances contained in apricot, it also contains lutein.Lutein has a strong oxidative action against free radicals, which are very harmful.It is best to use carrots and apricots in the fresh state without heat treatment.

EggsEggs are good for our eyesight because they contain sulfur and cysteine.These are components of a protein called glutathione that protects the lens from oxidative damage.Yolk, like carrots, contains lutein, followed by fatty acids, zinc, and vitamin B, which have a positive effect on eyesight. Whortleberry Whortleberry greatly improves vascular circulation as well as oxygen flow in the small blood vessels of the eye.It directly affects vision improvement. Besides, the substance has an anti-cyanin beneficial effect on the pigment of the retina, which also contributes to the ability of the eyes to tolerate light and thus more readily adapts to changing the strength of the retina.Pilots are known to use tablets made from these ingredients contained in this fruit.Include these four foods in your daily menu and you will certainly have better eyesight.You can make a nice fruit salad as pictured by combining this fruit with the addition of hazelnuts, almonds and the like.source photo:

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