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What is the most peaceful of women?

Peace is when the woman leaves the office and returns home, they know that a home, a warm house awaits her. Peace is when the life out there is too many traps, many filters, but the woman always has a man who loves her more than anything. Peace is when the woman watches her children grow up happily and happily. A woman’s perspective is the image of her husband having fun and loving her children.

Beautiful and famous women are not sure to be happy. Rich women, lots of money are not necessarily happy. Women get a husband who has status, title is not sure to be happy. Because, this life has its price. Happiness, riches are sometimes exchanged with both youth, with sacrifice and resignation. Sometimes the price of wealth is exhausted at work and we forget about our home.

After all, the ultimate goal in this life is to find joy and happiness. The more women experience, the simpler their happiness. A woman’s life does not need great things. Just be calm with a good husband and good children, that’s enough!

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