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What Is The largest Living Organism?

It permeates all and everything. It is everything and it is all of everything. We see it, hurt it, either intentionally, but more often, unknowingly. We spend all or most of our time on it, even in it or above it How hard is it to Love it, Honor it, and respect it? Apparently, it is the one organism, we are hellbent on destroying. The terrible fires in Australia are hurting her dearly because she favor’s no one and also everyone. But she allowed herself to suffer for the sake of rallying nations together. 

Did you know, that every breath you take is generated by the trees in the Amazon and the devastating habitat destruction of two years ago and which had caused respiratory problems in South-America and even far-flung islands in the south-Pacific has in-stead-of abating, now been stepped up in intensity and now lies at double the destruction of then? (satellite photography) Who will rise up and save us all by giving the destroyers a goal, other than lucre?


  • Did you know that the Amazon destruction is twice as bad as before?

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    • Hello Gramps, there is a lot of speculation around the subject of climate change. Some say it’s an Ice-age coming and others are saying its global warming. The point is, whether it was by design or by accident, the human population growth has reached a proportion whereby the experts say, we need two and a half planets to sustain existing life. So, unless a devastating calamity hits us, sometime soon. The pollinators, bees, butterflies, etc. will be wiped out and as you know, when that happens, we all die. Thank you for reading this article. Warm regards, Andre’

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