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What do you know about Entomology?

I recalled my late Mother, who worked as an Entomologist-Laboratory at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade. I got the idea to make a small survey of your knowledge of Entomology. Entomology is a branch of Zoology that studies insects.

Insects are the most numerous animal class on our planet. From some species, such as beehives that plant a plant, depends on our life.While Mother was alive, I often visited the place where she worked. There they were in wooden boxes that had a glass for the insect to be spotted with needles of various kinds of beetles, butterflies and the like.

The boxes served the students as a teaching tool to learn how to recognize the type of insect. Most of all I liked to watch butterflies. Well, they were the most beautiful. Due to their development, the insects are divided into two groups: ametabolic insects that have direct development; metabolic insects that develop metamorphoses. Metabolic insects can be: hemimetabol insects orholometabolic insects.

  • How many stages of development are Hemometabol insects

    • Three
    • Four
  • Throughout the development phase, Holometabolic insects pass

    • Four
    • Three
  • Mark insect parasite transmitter of infectious disease

    • Your body (Pediculus humanis), which transmits the false typhus;
    • silkworm

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