What Are Your Favorite And Least Favorite Things About Yourself?

This question from a back copy of Reader’s Digest was a real jaw-dropper, one which I didn’t think would elicit a public response, apparently, simply, my abhorrence concerning a question like that, is an absolute betrayal of my advanced age.

Since, according to the magazine, this is precisely the type of conversation starter that can get the querent real deep super fast. It’s also another one of those fun ones that can tell you a lot about how a person is. According to a psychologist, Dr. Gross, “This offers a sneak peek into your date’s level of self-awareness and humility, both of which are signs of emotional maturity

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  1. It would take me forever to keep emailing all the time when comments are required. So I will just pop this into here saying that the best about me is that I can yell at myself to pull myself together and the worst is that at the most inopportune times my anxiety gets a hold of me and then I feel really bad and I have to wait till it all passes. If the comments ever return it is going to take me some time to clean up my notifications. That reminds me time to send another letter to admin.

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