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You cannot make any change if you do not love yourself

It is very difficult to make any change if you do not love yourself. For me, this is a vital state and process. And I believe this is a great start to the path to stronger feelings of fullness, happiness.

Most interestingly, almost every person I meet lacks self-love. For example: Working in a job where he feels very happy but feels a lot of tension in the family. It all depends on ourselves, the attitude and actions we take – so why not allow us to love ourselves stronger?

Why do we believe that if we want to be happier every day – we have to work hard and strongly for it? Or is it just enough to love yourself more?

In order to experience true love for ourselves – it is not enough to love one our part or activity, we must accept the whole self. The way we are.

Sometimes we think that love for ourselves is the time we devote to our self. But it is so much more. All life is time for ourselves. Every moment has meaning, and every moment is for me.

Love for ourselves is a better self-awareness, recognition when we feel happiness, anxiety, joy, annoyance, love, and other emotions and feelings. Allowing ourselves to experience everything without pushing it, without rejecting what seems unacceptable, stupid, and illogical.

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