What a long line to the supermarket

In the picture is a portion of the line to the supermarket which had snaked up to the sidewalk. I had estimated more than 50 people in line or even more. The security guard said that they always have a long line since the lockdown had started. People may be hoarding or panic buying but not anymore, I think. It has been 2 weeks that we were on a lockdown so we should be getting used to the situation. But no, the long line is there.

I continued my investigation and it turned out that the supermarket closes at 5 pm and not the usual 9 pm closing time. It also opens an hour late at 8 am from the usual 7 am. That made me wonder why the supermarket has to shorten the time of business when they know that only the supermarket and the pharmacy are open. All restaurants and other food source are closed. The supermarket is the only lifeblood left. And yet, they have a shorter operating period.

  • Is there crowd control in your supermarket?


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Written by Alex Socorro

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