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Nature Tuesday – spread love

Love is the strongest magnet… It radiates and attracts to itself every living being.

It is the foundation, purpose, and essence of our lives! We were not born to fight, compete and suffer.

We are here for each other – to love, to help, to create, to flourish, and to prosper! And it is up personally only to each of us to determine how quickly we will achieve it!

When we finally stop dividing each other by ours and strangers, light and dark, living on this side or beyond the invisible wall?

When we are able to connect our hands together and united to create around ourselves peace, tranquility, and harmony?  When your pain becomes my pain, and your joy will only increase by sharing it? All boundaries and exclusion are only in our minds! Let’s start spreading light and kindness no matter what’s going on! 

Look at nature; it loves each human being no matter it is bad or good.

So, let our love becomes an endless boulder that touches every sad or evil heart along the way!

© Fortune, 2020

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