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We took so much for granted

This pandemic has opened our eyes.  I  have an endless list of what we took for granted that I  now long for. 

I remember how I wanted space and wished there were no  visitors sometimes and now I long for them. I have not seen faces of so many of my friends and family.  Earlier I did not make much of not seeing them and now I long to see them.

This pandemic has taken away our joy.  The kids everywhere are restless.  They have no school.  What is a child’s life if they cannot go to school?

Will life ever be normal? 

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What do you think?

Written by grace


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  1. I miss my gym because most of the time it gave me a reason to go out any time of the day, other than going to work. Loved just taking my book to the gym and reading pages of it while riding the stationary plus getting a good workout after.


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