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We just need the rain

I have a garden which grows itself, at least some of the plants do,  they seem to think that they are the boss around this place. Morning glories in different colors and sizes, Dahlberg daises (the yellow spots) you see in the background, the butterfly pea, the Mexican wild petunias (Ruellia humilis ) Kalanchoes, tomatoes, lettuce and gourds of all kinds just grow all over the place.

However, the mid summer heat  calls for watering the garden twice daily, with anything near 900 potted plants it is kind of a back breaking job and I need assistance from nature. It takes me exactly an hour and a half just to water the plants daily, then there is weeding, re potting , feeding the plants and such.

I need some heaving rains to give me a helping hand. Last week we had two thunder showers and life was easy. This week has been hot and drier,  when humidity levels are low plants tend to wilt easily and dry. So rain , rain come again , I want you here to ease my pain. Rain, rain come again, I want to be peaceful and sane.

  • Do you think the rain will hear my plea?

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    • 2 Nah you have high hopes
    • 3 Keep dreaming
    • 4 Maybe, wait and watch
    • 5 Stop whining 😀


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