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Warehouses are busting at the seams

It always used to be shortage of this and shortage of that but with the lockdown scenario things are not moving. Here in India many  people are starving specially the migrant labourers who are in the middle of nowhere and the system is such that dry food is not accessible to them though the godowns are full. 

And then there is the oil crisis.  Yesterday the price went down to minus 30 plus dollars which meant sellers had to pay to get rid of oil in their possession. 

No takers –  not by choice but by coercion.  Producers are forced to stop production – no point in it as the godowns are packed with unsold items and also the lockdown has forced them to close their business. 

At the moment it is a lose, lose situation but will that spring surprises when everything comes to normal? Those with a keen business acumen may perhaps exploit the situation? No one knows. 

  • Do you think there is a way to get back on our feet and business will be as usual?

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