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Increase your immune system by using this Kahwah – Recipe

We are all locked in our homes because of the lock down to protect against the universal pandemic Corona virus, and that is why many people are suffering exhaustion. Strong immune support is very important to avoid corona, but we are not doing daily exercise at home, nor is our lifestyle so that our immune system is strong and we are free from diseases. 

Numerous nutritional supplements have been suggested by health professionals to strengthen strength, including strawberries, yogurt and lemons. Experts have also suggested using a diet rich in vitamin C and vitamin D supplements.

But today. I tell you a simple Kahwah recipe made of natural ingredients that you can easily drink at home and it will strengthen your immune system.

Kahwah Igredients :- 

Water  – One (1) Liter  

Ginger – One (1) Small Piece 

Basil  – 7 or 8 leaf 

Cinnamon – One Piece 

Black pepper –  Few 

Cardamom –  (4) four 

Honey –  As per your choice or taste.

Kahwa final method.   First take water in a pot and put it on the stove, now add raw turmeric, ginger, basil leaves, cinnamon, and cardamom. Now boil the mixture well enough to boil 7 to 8 minute.

Once it is boiling, cook it well and you can keep it in the fridge. Whenever you want to drink this Kahwa, add a pinch of black pepper and honey to it and enjoy. 

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