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All of us want to be so many things in life,  I wanted to be so many things in my life, and one of those was to be a painter. Looking at this picture which looks like it was painted and not a real tree brought these thoughts to my mind.

We cannot become what we want to be by being where we are.’ – Unknown.

We’ve got to move our behinds, work at our goals until the dream becomes a reality. Just hoping and praying won’t help. ( I truly believe in the power of prayer) I also believe that we need to work at something if we want it in our life.

We need to work hard, over come our failures, perhaps take negative criticism from others, but we need to keep our eyes on the goal and not get sidetracked  by what happens along the way or what others say.

Focus and a clear vision is everything. I have seen people achieve difficult things just by being focused and working like it really matters .

We would just be wannabe’s if we had no focus and hard work on our side.

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    Do you believe that hoping alone can make you what you wannabe?

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    • No
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    We need focus and hard work too Right?

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Written by Dawn


  1. If we do not dream we cannot achieve it. I think you captured the essence of meeting our goals. We have to have dreams beyond our means, and then begin the hard work to get there!

    • Often our mindset tell us things are unreachable without even giving it a chance. If you had told me 14 years ago that I would be writing online I would have told you – nah, impossible.

      • There is a difference between not reaching because of less effort and not reaching because of preposterous ambitions. If there is an ambition to fly for that one needs wings. We have our gardener here who has such ambitons.