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Waiting Again

Today is one of those days that has been hurry up and wait. This is one of the hardest things for me to deal with. It always makes me want to move far, far away and live alone.  That way my time would be mine. My decisions would be mine. I wouldn’t have to work around and schedules and indecisiveness of others.

I suppose if I got started on another project that would require 10 hours or more the other two residents would then be be prepared to do what was planned for two hours ago. I would be happy to go and do the original chore myself, but both insisted they wanted to be included. So here I sit waiting. There must be a creative way to stop this from happening every day.

When I just take off, most of the time that means I am in the car or truck all day making multiple trips. That seems a waste of time and energy. 

So I guess I will stop bother you with all this and get another project started.

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