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Volcanic and geothermal hot springs at Rotorua, NZ

Lazing is what I did today, going through our holiday albums, several of them. I wish I had clicked a picture of the Hot Springs in Rotorua one of the several interesting features that a tourist would want to experience. The reason why I did not take any pictures was that I did not want to spend much time there. I was not comfortable wondering what would happen if these hot geysers suddenly erupted engulfing all of us.

Despite these fears year in and year out tourists flock to such places. Actually one can feel the heat even if one stands feet away. We went round the place and spent some time there but as I said I did not show anyone that I was uncomfortable. I just waited for the guide to give a signal for us to get into our bus. I have my favourite corner where I sit and reminisce and that is what I did today bringing back a memory, a memory years old.

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