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Virily update – lots of information and some changes….


There are a few things that I want to clear up.

When someone reaches out to me, either with issues or problems, I go to the person they are having issues with. I do not send complaints and other authors to the admin team. My personal belief is to reach out to the author in question and let them know others are frustrated or concerned. That was a rule I developed long before I was on Niume. It is a personal rule, not a site rule, and by no means would I expect anyone to do what I do. However, based on the reality we are facing, I am no longer handling things that way. Effective today I am going to gather feedback for authors, contact the author but also send them to the admin team; I did so this morning for the three authors that I have been contacted about by many other authors.

The next step for me now is (and I have as of this morning) sending the issues raised to the Admin team.

The next thing beyond that is I am going to publish the names of authors that other authors felt were being a bit much. (I won’t publish the names of the people reaching out to me, only the offending author). (that includes me by the way if I offend someone that hasn’t offended me first).

If you can’t handle a disagreement in public, don’t send nasty comments to people in the PM system. I also sent those to the admin team.

The reality of Virily today is the admin team doesn’t respond to issues or concerns as often as they did. Not that they were great in the past. But that at least when we had the support chat they would respond in 24 or 48 hours. Now, they do and don’t respond very often.

I did send the new account question to the admin team as well, I have heard back on that issue either. My question was simple – since it is not listed as a no-no in the FAQ, it has to be ok. But will users who’ve put 2-3 years into their profile and ranking on Virily have their existing account merged with their new account? It seems only fair to me that their now useless older account gets moved into their new, and create enabled new account!

Fairness is really important to me as a person.

I was able on my quest today to reach 30 posts read. I see that there are still a few I haven’t read on the new post list, so I feel like I have a shot at hitting four days of 30 or more posts read.

No one is required to read, comment or to interact. If you can and want to, please do! Do what you can do!!


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