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Using the Virily Collections Feature

Virily has implemented a Collections feature.  If you consistently publish content at this site, if you publish about a wide range of topics and not a specific niche, and if you have published (or plan to publish) over 100 posts then you might want to think about using this feature.

It’s a good way to organize your specific posts under broad categories and makes it easy for those who view your work to find similar or related posts also written by you.

Another plus for grouping your posts in Collections is that it should improve SEO and increase the chances of your content being found via organic searches which could likely bring more external visitors to the site.

So far I have created 8 Collections for my posts (see listing below).  It’s a quick way to view which subjects I like to write about the most.  You don’t HAVE TO use it for your own posts.  This is how I am using it.  It’s an organization tool.  Use it to create collections of whatever you like.  This is an excellent feature the Virily site owners have provided for its members and it is so easy to use.

(1) Entertainment ~ Music and Books

(2) Business and Work

(3) Home and Garden (Decor, Home office, etc.)

(4) Health and Beauty + Fashion and Style

(5) Food and Drink (Anything Food-Related)

(6) Travel and Vacation

(7) Society and Culture

(8) Entertainment ~ Movies and TV Series

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    • My post is an example of how I am using the Collections feature. Because I wanted to organize my own posts. Others might follow my example. Or not! I wrote the post to give people ideas.

      Actually, my thoughts are not mentioned in the post. No point saying something if you have not yet decided to do it. I am thinking about using it to collect posts by other Virilyans but have not decided yet. It’s a future project I may or may not do. As for now organizing my own posts in Collections is a completed project. As for posts I enjoy written by others I’m not sure how I am going to group them. Still thinking on it.

      Good question!

          • I look at so many posts on here, trying to keep up, I cannot always read, reply, and continue replying to all of them. I only have so much time. I do the best I can.

        • I know, that is the way I do too but I know why I told you to read it – it was about the info you asked too….. It could also be you have such problems because you post a lot every day….. I never post that much but give the priority to the notifications and always answer them all before I continue with posting, it would be just to much for me if I posted that much…..

        • Of course, but I’m just explaining why you probably can’t manage paying that much attention to other people… I, on the opposite can’t post further until I give back and reply to all the people and visit their new posts as much Virils as I have… Maybe you have a different technique and somehow manage everything…, to me it would be too much just to post all the time while not summing up all the experiences and impressions of my posts properly…

        • Also, what I meant, is that if you asked about something and that several times in several places and I answer you in all those places, and tell you where to read those info too to inform yourself better (in the articles I suggested) you can’t blame me for not having the info or claim the opposite until you read it…

  1. I tried to save a couple of articles, they went into Private collections but when I went in my Collections in the menu of my Profile it says there are no any… I just wrote about that in my today’s article… You can see your saved articles…????? :/
    I’m also not sure how it could improve SEO…….? :/

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