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Tuesday Nature – power of nature

Today I talked with my niece (I have five of them) who not long ago left our country and with her boyfriend headed to Australia. To everyone who wondered why they suddenly left enough good life in our capital and moved so far, she answers with a big smile: “When if not Now?”. So, they will be studying and at the same time working in this distant country for 1,5 years, because the only way to get there was studies. She will study sport – fitness. 

She called today us to wish a happy New Year and we talked a bit about life there so different from our country. I imagine the warm sea she is swimming in, the exotic flowers and fauna there. She sent a few photos, however, I cannot post her personal photos. Instead, I post a lonely purple flower that reminds me of her. As she is also lonely there, far away from family and friends. 

Nature also can become a close friend to us, and its power is undervalued. 

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