Tuesday Nature – do not abandon nature…

Often living is not easy …

There are days when you kneel before the sun and give in to this moment. It is dark in the eyes and hands unable to rise. You are watching the environment like a slow-motion movie. 

It looks, the people around are very lucky. They run with a broad smile, and you feel like your heartbeats are slowing down. Nothing helps and you rely on the strength of your thoughts and the power of the Creator. And there is a silent echo in you – all is well and all will be better…

The only place where I always feel happy no matter what the life’s circumstances are, is nature. While there, you feel like your eyes are turning to light.  You bow down to your past with respect and gratefully look forward to the future. Whatever happens, you do not cease to believe in the beauty and harmony of life. Finally, the darkness recedes and you begin to breathe with your full chest!

 So, don’t abandon nature – the true home of humans. 

© Fortune, 2020

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